Fighting Reality:

Yesterday I was talking to my shiatsu teacher and she said, “Kendra, you can fight reality and you will lose, only 100% of the time.” She laughed and and then repeated “Only ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time.”   I find myself looping around in my mind pretty regularly wondering if my life would be better if it was like this, or if I had chosen something different how my life would be, or waiting for something about me to be different until I am willing to take some risk or be vulnerable in some way.  Waiting, wondering, processing, looping, repeating, over and over… “What if things were different than they really are?”

Where Can I Go To Get…. Here?
30 Years: A Story from Adyashanti

“There is a wonderful story about a young man who checks into a monastery full of juice and ready to be enlightened yesterday.  He asks the abbot, “How long will it take me to be enlightened?” To which the abbot answers, “About 10 years.” “Ten years! Why ten years?” The abbot replies, “Oh, twenty years in your case.” The man asks, Why do you say twenty years?” The abbot replies, “Oh, I’m sorry I was mistaken…. thirty years.

When will I be free?  When will things be different than they really are?  As soon as these thoughts come, time has birthed itself… birthed into existence… with this, one has to think… maybe 10, maybe forever…. where can you go to get here? ANY STEP TAKES YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE.”

Steeping Like Tea:
A Yoga Sequence

Sutra 1.16: 
tatparam purusakhyateh gunavaitrsnyam

“The ultimate renunciation, letting go, is when one transcends the qualities of nature and perceives the soul.”  -BKS Iyengar 

  1. Supta Badda Konasana
    Look inside and see yourself not as a “self” but as a presence. Being. Who are you? What is the essence of you? If you were like the water that gently pulls the essence out of the tea, what is your essence? Not the image of you, not any of the marketing, advertising, photographs, no image of reality… what is it that makes you.. you? What is that feeling? The feeling of you? Not the story of you, or the story of the world, or the story of all the people you know…. feel it from the inside. 

    I always remember Jackson Pollock, the artist, saying that each splash of paint was like the essence of him… like the image of exactly what he was… capturing the un-capturable.

    “…meet here, before you were an expert,
    before you were a beginner…. where you are what 
    you always will be, where you will never add anything
    to this,
    or subtract anything.

    …Where you want nothing,
    and you are nothing…
    Where you find yourself 
    by not finding yourself.

    …Where you are what you want
    and you want what you are
    and everything falls away
    into radiant emptiness..”

  2. Childs Pose
  3. Down Dog
  4. Sun Salutation A
  5. Handstand – middle room
  6. Pinchamayurasana – middle room
  7. Headstand – middle room
  8. Supported Bridge
  9. Shoulderstand
  10. Supta Tadasana – with blanket under chest to open chest and heart area
  11. Paschimottanasana
  12. Savasana – (blanket on you with your hands resting on your heart or your abdomen)
    Feel the presence underneath your hands. Feel what makes you, you…. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 
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