Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork therapy with its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element philosophy. It works on four levels of the body: the muscles and tendons, the internal organs, the emotional landscape, and spiritual integration. Shiatsu has the same range of benefits as Acupuncture, but is achieved entirely through touch. The word “shiatsu” translates literally to mean “finger pressure,” but we use palms, elbows, fingers, knees, forearms and more. Shiatsu aligns, and balances energy throughout the body by moving qi (life force energy) along meridians.  The practitioner follows the meridians and uses pressure points to bring one into a state of freedom and balance. The harmony of Qi within the human body is considered essential to health and is the aim of Shiatsu.  A treatment is a full body, personalized and individualized experience; it directly responds to what is going on physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the person in that moment.

The Asian tradition describes the world in terms of energy. Shiatsu creates harmony of our inner energies with that of the universe. To stay healthy a person must continually adapt to the changes going on within and outside the body. If these adaptations do not take place, illness or disharmony can manifest. Five Element Shiatsu uses targeted touch along specific elemental pathways to realign energetic pathways associated with those element’s functions thus restoring balance at a deep physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


  • Client’s lay fully dressed on a futon with supportive cushioning to promote relaxation and deep restoration.
  • Sessions are 1.5 – 2 hours, starting with a check in.
  • Come as you are, whether you have an injury that needs attention, some emotions to process, big changes going on or simply wish to nourish yourself.  

I have a yin approach with a strong focus on listening.  This allows me to make accurate diagnosis and adjust the treatment to each individual.  It also allows me to step out of the role of a “fixer” and into the role of a facilitator, where my work helps the body tap into it’s own intelligence and ability to heal itself.  My shiatsu practice is different than deep tissue work or other western modes of bodywork because I am working as a facilitator to the body’s own intelligence. This is a shift in orientation from “healer as fixer” to “healer as facilitator.” In my experience, this is a much more powerful and impactful way of working.

A treatment begins with a hara diagnosis and then the practitioner will follow a sequence of pressure points and energetic pathways, related to the diagnosis, that bring the entire system back into alignment and balance. (muscle, organs, fascia, emotions, nervous system etc…)  The pathways (meridians) and pressure points help the body to pull itself out of a state of disharmony and back into a state of alignment and balance.

A shiatsu session is not over once leaving the futon, the treatment will continue to unfold within the receiver as they move through life.





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