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"When I met Kendra, I was in a lot of pain, and nothing I did seemed to make a difference. She dove in headfirst, and gave me her complete focus and support. Kendra challenged me, taught me a ton of amazing things I didn't think I could do, showed me how to think positively, and work on my issues myself. At times, her analysis of my pain bordered on prescient, and we always made progress, even when a way forward was unthinkable to me. Kendra always amazed me with her dedication, support, generosity, and passion for teaching. I feel I will benefit from the things I learned for the rest of my life, and I am truly grateful."

- W.M.

I can do back bends.  Even with my hefty 6'3" 280 body, Kendra had the know how and the experience to make me feel safe and utilize the proper props I could easily use at home to continue my practice on my own and after 6 months I'm down to a more manageable 230#.  Kendra infuses her skills and spirit as an artist into her work as a Yoga teacher. Her notes are precise and several months later I can easily follow her illustrations of poses from sequences taught long ago.  Kendra has changed my life in ways unimaginable.  Not only is she my Yoga teacher,  she is my counselor and trusted friend.  I can't find enough words to describe how much its been worth to me.  Priceless.  Thanks Kendra!!"


“Kendra Renzoni is a true teacher and student of Yoga with all its components.  She is gentle, smart, energetic and kind.  She has an infectious laugh and spirit.  Her classes are beginner to intermediate  and above.  She doesn't want anyone to limit themselves, but is aware of limitations!  She is awesome!”

- L. B. C.

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