Letting the skin become translucent,
a subtle boundary,
containing the boundlessness of

How far into you does the wind blow?
How deep do you feel the cold of a river rock
as it seeps up the soles of
your feet
and into
the collar bones
after minutes of standing in Tadasana?

Forgetting ideas about the body.
no inside,
no outside,
no other.

There is a place where it all meets.
Underneath the breastbone,
nestled between the lungs,
in the heart, near the base.

The size of the tip of your thumb.
Containing the entire universe.

A being-ness,
that looked out of your eyes when you were a child,
that still looks out of your eyes now.

Percolating with limitless space.
Soaked in freedom.

-Kendra Renzoni

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