I have been teaching a lot of classes on building core strength and pairing that with core values and alignment. When our spine is out of alignment it will automatically limit our force production and our range of motion. So we will feel weaker, exhausted sooner, tighter, and more limited. Trying to get stronger or more open when we are not aligned is an uphill battle ending either with going nowhere, going backwards, or injury. When we live our life out of alignment with our core values, its exhausting, depressing, and limited. When we do our practice in alignment, we do things easier, with less effort, we can sustain things for much longer.. not just a session, but over a lifetime and we find ourselves translating that knowledge into doing things we didn’t think were possible. When we live life in alignment with our core values we express ourselves fully, no limits, we get energized by the work that we do, and it’s sustainable!

This pose asks us to really use our core and stay in alignment. Try doing side plank in every variation possible, stick your limbs out every which way, with one requirement…. keep your core engaged and don’t sacrifice your alignment to get somewhere! This pose makes that easy because if you let go of either.. you’ll fall down. hehe! This is fun work to physically play through this game and watch your tendencies, use this to get insight into your tendencies when you work towards goals and visions.


  • MERIDIANS: The wood (springtime / visioning) meridians are running all along the outer seam of leg and inner seam of leg as well as running through the ribs.. and arms. These poses will stretch and open and squeeze all of these!
  • POOPING: Working the abdomen like this helps pooping, it not only creates heat in the abdomen, but also squishes everything around, contracts, relaxes, and helps move thing through!
  • HEATING: It starts a fire in the core of the body.. the center.. and that heat just radiates outward, suddenly the blood is carrying heat all the way out to our fingertips and toes. Even my students with chronically cold fingers and toes get blood flow and heat all the way out to their limbs.
  • CENTERING: When we ask our body to initiate action from the center out, to not sacrifice alignment for any challenge, we have to prioritize what’s truly important above all. It means being incredibly honest about how much movement we can actually do before losing alignment… and not try to be super… actual attainable goals.